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About Phil

This blog is all about procurement. About being a professional buyer. About negotiations. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Do you work in procurement?
  • Do you do negotiations?
  • Are you passionate about negotiating good deals?
  • Do you love it, when your plans work out and you reach your goals in a deal?
  • Do you want your stakeholder to honor your hard work?

I vote "yes" for all these questions.

But on the same time I often feel misunderstood. Undervalued to a certain extent.

In the end "buying isn't that difficult", right? WRONG! There is so much more than to ask for the standard 10% off. You have some tricks up your sleeve, that give you an edge over the unexperienced novice.

You had success with negotiations as well as with vendors. In your own little tribe, there are some people who recognize your skills. They value your opinion.

You're not a doubtful nature who sees everything in the darkest colors. You do not fear a conflict when it comes. You do not shy away.

This blog is all about improving this to a whole new level. To sharpen your knifes, to improve your bottom line.

If you love experimenting then I have some ideas to share with you. Ideas from

  • psychology
  • organization
  • productivity
  • agile methodologies

... all applied to a professional buyers daily life.

So what problems do "we professional buyers" face every day?

Early Involvement

This is essential to the success of your job. The earlier people involve you, the better. Only then can you make sure that you approach vendors and demands the right way. That you avoid these negotiation deadly sins: they are special... this time it's different... we need it yesterday. Find ways to overcome these classical obstacles.


Approvals upon approvals. Internal discussions all day long. Sometimes it's harder to discuss with colleagues than with suppliers. There are ways to streamline the whole discussion (and still stay "friends")


Psychology shares new discoveries with us every day. But what does that mean for a procurement pro? How can you apply it to your everyday work? See how modern social psychology can be woven into the negotiation. Uncover what approaches work and which ones you have to let go.

ProcurementZen.com offers hands on advice to increase savings. To increase productivity in day to day operations.

This blog provides "no fluff infos" from a strategic buyers playing field.

The blog is not biased by any product, tool or method.

Insights especially from psychology and productivity applied direct to the negotiation game. This gives our content a special twist. No long theories (no, Sir!) but lots and lots of practical advice.

So how does that benefit you? Well, let me tell you how it benefitted me and my work in the past 15 years.

I did a lot of things in the field of procurement. Here are some highlights:

  • small to very small demands (as in <USD5,000) - up to 20 a day with an average saving of 13% over the course of 7 years
  • Mega deals with 3 to 6 months preparation and a contract volume of 8 figures
  • Mid 8 figure savings in the past 15 years with lots of stakeholders and demand owners
  • Streamlined modular contracts awarded in a very short amount of time
  • Applied modern psychology to all kinds of negotiations. With monopolists, aggressive vendors and of course "special" suppliers

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