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Ep. 013 – Creating a commodity strategy (internal focus)

A decent commodity strategy is key to any strategic buyers success. This episode of the podcast focuses on the internal questions one might ask. So what is a commodity strategy? Here’s what KB Manage has to say about it… commodity strategies (sometimes referred to as ‘commodity sourcing strategies’) are purchasing strategy plans that refer to commodity […]

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Negotiation Tactics Essentials

Throughout the years I have learned a lot of negotiation tactics. In this blog posts I will show you the tactics that are successful. I will also reveal details and how you can counteract them if the other party applies them on you.So negotiations. Everyone does them. It doesn’t matter if you want it or […]

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Ep. 008 – Expensive Sentences – We can’t afford to let them go

“We can’t afford to let them go” – welcome to Procurement Zen and our focus week on expensive sentences. This time we cover this poisonous statement. Hi and welcome to Procurement Zen, I am your host, Phil Kowalski. This is the 4 th episode of the expensive sentences focus week and this time, we’ll cover a […]

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