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Episode 32 – Persona Negotiation Guide

In today’s episode we have once again a negotiation guide. This time we focus on personality types using the DISC model. Episode Highlights Everyone is different and we need to honor that What stories do we tell which kind of negotiators The 4 main personality types in DISC:Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness Dominant types (or high […]

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Ep. 013 – Creating a commodity strategy (internal focus)

A decent commodity strategy is key to any strategic buyers success. This episode of the podcast focuses on the internal questions one might ask. So what is a commodity strategy? Here’s what KB Manage has to say about it… commodity strategies (sometimes referred to as ‘commodity sourcing strategies’) are purchasing strategy plans that refer to commodity […]

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Negotiation Tactics Essentials

Throughout the years I have learned a lot of negotiation tactics. In this blog posts I will show you the tactics that are successful. I will also reveal details and how you can counteract them if the other party applies them on you.So negotiations. Everyone does them. It doesn’t matter if you want it or […]

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