Episode 32 – Persona Negotiation Guide

In today’s episode we have once again a negotiation guide. This time we focus on personality types using the DISC model.

Episode Highlights

  • Everyone is different and we need to honor that
  • What stories do we tell which kind of negotiators
  • The 4 main personality types in DISC:Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Dominant types (or high D’s) → these people love to win. They apply force on others, sometimes not really caring about their needs and are very direct
  • Influence types (or high I’s) → these people really talk a lot. You feel their enthusiasm and patience
  • Steadiness types (or high S’s) → people with a high S, enjoy collaborationa and wnat to maintain the peace and finally
  • Conscientiousness (or high C’s) → these are people that favor accuracy above everything else and want to gain knowledge

Key Points

  1. You must accept that people are different to win in negotiations
  2. Tailor your procurement message to the corresponding personality type (it’s about them not YOU!)
  3. DISC gives an easy way to quickly determine who you’re dealing with


Phil Kowalski

I am passionate about helping others to achieve more in their negotiations. I love to prep, design and execute successful negotiations. With more than 15 yrs procurement experience I sometimes feel like the Obiwan Kenobi behind this blog and my podcast.